How long is the course?2019-12-10T10:34:19-05:00

You receive 40 hours of instruction through the course. Some of that instruction is spread out over several months. Regardless, you have one full year to complete all aspects of the course so that you can be certified with the Ministry of Transportation.

I am anxious to get my G2. When can I make the appointment for my road test?2019-12-10T10:34:48-05:00

Without going through a Beginner Driver Education course, it takes one full year from the issue date on your G1 licence to the G2. If you have been or are currently enrolled as a student in a Beginner Driver Education course, that time is reduced to 8 months. Check with your instructor to see if you are ready.

What is the passing grade?2019-12-10T10:35:45-05:00

You need to pass all class tests with an average of 75% or more. As well, the passing grade for the mock road test at the end of your driving lessons is 75% or more. If your instructor finds that you are struggling and will not do well on the road test, he or she may suggest taking extra lessons to give you more practice and to give you the confidence to pass the road test and to be a better driver.

Can I use one of your vehicles for my upcoming road test?2019-12-10T10:35:45-05:00

Yes, you can. If you are a past or current student of A-1 Driving School, we will put you in touch with your instructor. If you are not a previous student of A-1 Driving, you will need one private lesson with an instructor before the road test to show your competency in driving. The cost of the use of one of our vehicles includes a warm-up before the actual test at the Drive Test Centre.

I’ve heard that it can take 3 to 4 months to go through all the 10 driving lessons. I am moving in a couple of months so I’m in a hurry. Can it be done in less time?2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

Absolutely. We will match you up with an instructor who has a flexible schedule, but it will require the following to be in place at the end of the classes:

  • We have a copy of your G1 in the office
  • You are paid in full
  • You have fulfilled all classes and passed all the class tests with an average of 75% or more
  • During the registration process, you have informed us that you are in a hurry
  • You have given us your availability
Can I attend two days of one course and two days of another course?2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

Course sessions follow a particular sequence mandated by the Ministry of Transportation. The sessions are set as Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4. If you know you will not be able to attend a particular day, your course session ends and picks up in the following session from where you left off. For example, if you miss Day 3 and Day 4 of the current session, you must attend Day 3 and Day 4 of another session.

I need to cancel my appointment with my instructor. What should I do?2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

Please call your instructor directly giving at least 24-hours’ notice. He or she will discuss with you an alternative appointment that will be mutually convenient to both your schedules.

I have been driving for quite some time but before I book my G2 road test to get my G licence, I want a couple of lessons. Do you offer private lessons?2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

Yes, we do. You may only require one or two lessons, but a qualified instructor will be able to evaluate this based on your driving abilities. Call 705-495-4780 to give specific details and your availability for driving lessons. An instructor will contact you to set an appointment.

I plan on taking your course as soon as I have my G1. I’ve studied for the test but I’m nervous about failing it. Is there something that would help me to pass?2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

Go to g1test.com. This website has practice test questions that will help you prepare for the test.

Can I make an appointment to take the G1 written exam or the G2 road test?2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

You need to make the appointment with the Drive Test Centre. The number to call is 1-888-570-6110 for anywhere in Ontario. The local number for North Bay is 705-472-2496. You can also go to www.drivetest.ca.

I took your course a number of years ago, and I lost my certificate. Can you give me a new one? I need it for insurance purposes.2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

The ministry has transitioned from the use of paper certificates to electronic certification. Students enrolled on and after September 29, 2008 go through the online certification process. Students who are electronically certified can obtain proof of course completion by requesting their Driver Licence History. Only the driver licence holder can request the DLH, as it contains personal information. The application form must be completed and signed by the driver licence holder. It can be obtained at a Driver Licence Issuing Office/Service Ontario (located on Airport Road or McKeown Avenue). The DLH will show that the student successfully completed a ministry-approved Beginner Driver Education Course. The Ministry’s fee for this service is $12.00.

The link to the DLH Search application form:

For further information regarding DLH, please contact Service Ontario at 1-800-387-3445 or 416-235-2999.

I’m not quite 16 years old yet. Can I take your course?2019-12-10T10:36:09-05:00

Yes, you can. You don’t need to be 16 years old to take the in-class portion of a course, but you should be close to your 16th birthday. We have several courses that run throughout the year so pick a course that is close to your birthday; however, you must have your G1 in order for you to drive, so plan to get it soon after your birthday.