The Beyond Basics DCA4 driver training program is an advanced in-vehicle program for the experienced driver. Beyond Basics is an on-road coaching session. Individuals are less threatened by this type of process and are provided with ample opportunity to demonstrate their safe driving abilities. During the 90-minute session, the driver trainer will evaluate the driver’s risk perception and risk management as well as the driver’s application of defensive and co-operative driving techniques. DCA4 can include a DCA2 when requested at an additional cost.

Moving beyond basic defensive driving principles; our program deals with the reality of driver inattention. The distractions that are introduced during this drive will help the driver recognize how easily the safe operation of a vehicle can be compromised.

This drive allows the driver trainer to determine:

  1. what information the driver recognizes as relevant (risk assessment / situational awareness)
  2. what information the driver recognizes as hazardous (risk perception)
  3. the choice of strategies the driver chooses to implement (risk management)
  4. the driver’s ability to manage his or her environment (dynamic time and space management)

Once the driver’s skills, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses have been identified, the driver trainer will provide informative instruction based upon the individual needs of each driver to increase safety margins in weak areas.

Areas Addressed:

  1. Headway management skills
  2. Dynamic time management skills
  3. Dynamic space management skills
  4. Speed management skills
  5. Situational awareness skills
  6. Co-operative/Defensive driving skills
  7. Responsible vehicle handling
  8. Junctions
  9. Vehicle Handling

During this session, the driver will also gain a better understanding of anti-lock braking/ 4-wheel lock (depending on the vehicle used), soft shoulder road recovery as well as strategies for avoiding head-on collisions, rear collisions, and other driving manoeuvers. The driver’s recognition of the importance of utilizing defensive/co-operative driving strategies will be greatly enhanced by this session as well as the risks presented when inattention or distractions are involved.