According to a 2006 study by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), nearly eight out of ten crashes are caused by driver inattention and distractedness. CCC(Cell Phones, Conversation and Coffee) has become the new standard in corporate driver training and is recognized as an approved DDC course with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

‘Cell Phones, Conversation, and Coffee’ (CCC) is the first course ever (to be able) to offer experienced drivers concrete strategies to reduce the greatest risk drivers face – distracted driving.

‘CCC’ presents a shift in driver safety training, recognizing driving for what it is – a highly complex cognitive task. Errors in cognition are recognized to be caused by either a state of inattention, multitasking or a distraction. It is the objective of this workshop to bring these issues to the forefront as we examine their impact on the traditional defensive driving model. The concepts of cooperative driving, driver attitude, pre-trip inspections as well as safe reversing procedures will be reviewed and rejuvenated with current research constructed around the issues caused in these areas by inattention and distraction.

The nature of the driving task and the time required to make decisions require the driver to recognize the need to allocate attention where and when it is needed. CCC helps drivers learn to divide attention appropriately as part of driving and to understand its demands at any given moment in time. The participants will understand that as the task load increases, the driver must make reductions in the distraction, compensations in the driving, or both. Insight is a large component of the workshop.

Cell Phones, Conversation and Coffee will discuss individual differences, attention, and insight. It has been developed to assist drivers to become aware of the issues surrounding distractions, inattention, and driving. The material discussed in this course will focus on these issues and, in particular, those times when errors in cognition have been caused by either inattention or distraction.

Intended Learning Outcomes

It is expected that the learners in this training session will evaluate or re-evaluate their notions about the task of using the road environment and will formulate more innovative strategies to increase their margins of safety when driving after exposure to the items covered in this course.