Safe Trailering

Safe Trailering

In the ‘accident per mile driven’ category, nothing even comes close to reversing a trailer. A disproportionately high number of ‘incidents’ occur while drivers are reversing trailers. In most cases, these sometimes-costly crashes are avoidable and preventable.

Our trailer towing course effectively teaches drivers trailering safety. The course includes reversing maneuvers as well as advanced on-road driving techniques. The course features a one-hour on-road segment and three to four hours of practical reversing instruction and practice.

The thing about a trailer is “It always goes where it’s ‘towed’ to!”

The focus in the on-road segment is the application of effective time and space management skills, headway, vehicle handling, junctions, and speed choice principles. Since it is estimated that distracted driving causes almost 80% of all crashes, no driver training program would be complete without a segment on distracted driving. On the road, we incorporate distracted driving coping strategies, and cooperative driving concepts into the drive. These elements combine to ensure that the driver is not only instructed in ‘towing a trailer’, but is also learning about advanced driving safety techniques at the same time.

The course also includes a three- to four-hour practical segment in a parking lot setting demonstrating and teaching safe reversing techniques. The driver will learn proper circle check and coupling procedures, amazing reversing set-up techniques, and learn to become more proficient in vehicle/trailer reversing and handling.

The program includes:

  • on-road trailer coaching session with a heavy emphasis on speed choice and time and space management skills
  • distracted driving coping strategies and awareness of distracted driving issues
  • cooperative driving strategies
  • three to four hours of practical reversing instruction and practice
  • vehicle and trailer inspection refreshers
  • advanced reverse set-up techniques and maneuvers
  • summary report for each driver

Our experience, expertise, passion and the distracted driving element are what sets A-1 Driving courses apart from most other driver training programs. Get the distracted driving advantage. Our trailering course is available anywhere in Ontario.