Corporate Training

Corporate Driver Training Overview

A-1 Driving School Ltd. has been providing corporate driver training programs for almost 30 years. We are confident in our ability to provide outstanding driver training to meet the needs of corporations, government agencies, and departments throughout Ontario. We specialize in advanced driver training for experienced drivers. Our courses teach drivers to recognize their personal responsibility in creating and maintaining a safe driving environment for themselves and others.

A-1 Driving School Ltd. can offer your organization a driver training program to help you save vehicle related expenses and increase the safety record and safety mindedness of your employees, both on and off the job. That’s a big return on your investment because it will help protect your employees (and their families) full time; twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

We offer:

  • advanced in-class courses
  • advanced in-vehicle training
  • driving assessments

Due Diligence

For most people, driving is the greatest job-related danger they have to deal with. With the introduction of Bill C-45 in Ontario in 2004, employers are now required to take “steps to prevent bodily harm to that person, or any other person, arising from that work or task”. This means that the onus is on the employers to ensure that their employees are trained to safely perform their job functions. A driver training program with A-1 Driving School Ltd. will help you fulfill that obligation.

Employee Safety

If your company is serious about health and safety, driver training could be one of the best investments you make. Since motor vehicle collisions account for the largest share of indirect accident costs in Ontario, and recognizing that 95% of crashes are preventable, your organization will benefit from driver training through:

  • fewer vehicle repairs
  • lower accident costs
  • lower fuel costs
  • better drivers
  • lower insurance premiums
  • minimized loss of productivity
  • better Health & Safety record

Remedial Training and Instruction

Our one-on-one coaching sessions blend all the elements of our many theoretical courses and apply them in the vehicle on an individual needs basis. As weaknesses are identified, instruction is tailored to meet each individual’s specific driving needs.