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Paramedic Driver Training

A-1 Driving School Ltd. offers a wide range of driver training programs specifically designed for EMS personnel. Driving an ambulance requires above average driving abilities. Paramedics have to be effective at controlling their driving environment in all situations and conditions without compromising the safety of their patient, their partner, or other road users. Our teaching methods and strategies take into account the unique challenges that paramedics face.

The issue of Guaranteed Arrival cannot be compromised.

We offer the most relevant and up-to-date advanced in-class, ‘on-road’, and pylon courses available. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of this specialized group of professional drivers. The call for driver training is real, and we are very confident in our ability to provide beneficial, rewarding, and cost-effective paramedic driver training.

The calibre of our paramedic program instructors is evident in our qualifications, our expertise and our passion. We have over 50 years of combined driver training experience. More information on our instructors.

In-Vehicle Services

EMS Beyond Basics™ (DCA4)

EMS Beyond Basics™ is an advanced in-vehicle session specifically designed for paramedics. During the 90-minute drive, the driver trainer will evaluate the driver’s ability to gather and process information as well as their application of defensive and co-operative driving techniques.

Moving “beyond” basic defensive driving principles, this session deals with the reality of driving with inattention due to distractions and multitasking. The drive provides an opportunity to apply advanced driver training techniques in the only place it counts – on the road. EMS personnel seriously seeking to improve their driving abilities should consider ‘EMS Beyond Basics’ as part of their overall safety strategy. More

Driver Competency Assessment (DCA2)

The DCA2 Driver Competency Assessment is an in-vehicle evaluated drive. It is an assessment tool that scientifically measures a driver’s crash potential. The DCA2 gives managers and supervisors a competency/risk measurement profile that identifies a paramedic’s strengths and weaknesses as a driver.

This profile measures areas that current research suggests are most directly related to crash involvement such as decision making, risk management, distractions, and multitasking. The DCA2 documents and measures a paramedic’s ability to manage risks by assessing how he or she matches his or her cognitive, attentional and psychomotor skills with choice behaviours. DCA2 methodologies meet the stringent requirements of the RSEA, and can be used to ensure ‘due diligence’. The DCA2 is the only measure known at this time which provides this type of information. More

Emergency Vehicle Operations

This advanced in-vehicle program provides an excellent opportunity for the paramedic to hone his or her vehicle handling skills and to recognize and verify the vehicle’s limitations due to its dimensions. The result is an increased awareness of the vehicle’s blind areas and manoeuvering capabilities.

Over 200 pylons are used to recreate, in a controlled environment, the most common situations where driver errors are likely to occur. The need to implement safe driving manoeuvers and practices for ambulance operators will be reinforced with practical hands-on training. The late-apex turn, vehicle handling skills, safe backing and cornering techniques are all key elements of our program. The issue of speed vs. efficiency is addressed. More

Safe Trailering

In the ‘accident per mile driven’ category, nothing even comes close to reversing a trailer. A disproportionately high number of “incidents” occur while drivers are reversing trailers. In most cases, these sometimes-costly crashes are avoidable and preventable. Our trailer towing course effectively teaches drivers trailering safety. The course includes reversing manoeuvers, an advanced on-road driving segment as well as vehicle and trailer inspection and coupling procedures. More

Remedial Training and Instruction

Our one-on-one coaching sessions blend all the elements of our many theoretical courses and apply them in the vehicle on an individual needs basis. As weaknesses are identified, instruction is tailored to meet each individual’s specific driving concerns.

In-Class Courses

EMS Driving Fundamentals

Best suited as a New Hire Program, this four-hour EMS classroom session was designed to complement, supplement and reinforce new paramedics’ knowledge of emergency driving principles. Emergency Response Driving and “Red Mist”, identifying the ‘Primary Task’ and recognizing the ‘Secondary Tasks’, and the necessity of managing the driving environment in dynamic situations are the focus of this course. Emphasis is placed on distracted and cooperative driving principles. More

Cell Phones, Conversation and Coffee -The Role of Inattention and Distractibility in Driving (CCC)

Nearly 8 out of 10 crashes are caused by driver inattention and distractedness. The Road Safety Educators’ Association’s newest course ‘Cell Phones, Conversation and Coffee’ (CCC) is the first course ever to offer paramedics concrete strategies to deal with distracted driving issues. Paramedics must be able to divide attention as part of their ability to safely operate an ambulance including using navigation systems, way finding, and fatigue.

CCC addresses the realities that paramedics face on the roads today and will give your drivers an advantage when it comes to safety. This classroom course is run in an interactive format with formal and informal instruction, discussion, and workgroups. A-1 Driving School Ltd. has three instructors available to offer this course anywhere in Ontario. This is a credentialed program for drivers and successful candidates receive a .5 credit from RSEA(Road Safety Educators Association). More

Cooperative Driving

An RSEA course, Cooperative Driving is the new Gold Standard in road safety education. This one-day workshop will facilitate paramedics’ abilities to control their driving environment, making themselves, their patients and all road users safer as a result. The course emphasizes the move away from defending the paramedic’s position and looking for the mistakes of others, to finding ways to cooperate and make the system more fluid and safe. It puts the paramedics in a position of analyzing how they are affecting others rather than just how others affect them.

In a very fundamental way, it changes the focus of the venture of driving and brings a level of humility and accountability to driving that is lacking in other approaches to the task. This is a credentialed program for drivers and successful candidates receive a .5 credit from RSEA. More

Our Paramedic Driver Training Team

A-1 Driving School Ltd. has been providing professional EMS driver training since 2002. The calibre of our paramedic program instructors is evident in our qualifications, our expertise, and our passion.
Our team has more than 50 years of combined driver training experience.

Cindy Auger
Company president, Cindy Auger, has more than 20 years of driver training experience teaching driving at novice and advanced levels and has logged over 38,640 hours of driving instruction. As a driver trainer accredited by the Ontario Safety League and a Master Instructor with some of the most up-to-date courses available through the Road Safety Educators’ Association, Cindy brings a dynamic presence to driver training. The many advanced courses that she has taken allow her to facilitate the learning process in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Shaun Auger
Shaun has been instrumental in the development of our paramedic driver training services. His vast knowledge and experience, coupled with his dedication and passion for road safety are evident in the instructional services that he provides. Shaun’s techniques of instruction take into consideration the individual differences that each client possesses and are tailored to meet the driving needs and concerns of the paramedic.

Wayne Eyre
Wayne was a paramedic for 33 years, and in 2005, he was awarded the Governor General Award for Exemplary Service during his career. As a professional coach and school bus driver on a part-time basis over the past 18 years, Wayne accumulated thousands of miles of driving experience. Wayne spent three of those years as a bus trainer and examiner, and in 2004, he joined us as an in-vehicle instructor. His experience on the road and in the field as a paramedic has made him an invaluable member of our paramedic driver training team.

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