Newcomers to Canada may find driving on our roads very challenging.International Driver Training

A-1 Driving School offers you the opportunity to learn and develop the right driving habits from the professionals. These are habits that could one day save your life and those you love. Winter driving is a fact of life for Canadians, but winter driving can sometimes be a daunting task, especially when conditions are snowy or icy.

Canada’s topography varies from mountainous environments to the flat lands found in the prairies, from vast shorelines to dense forests. Each environment presents its own unique driving concerns and challenges. Canada has nearly one million kilometers of roads, (enough to circle the globe 22 times) which makes it the country with the 7th largest road network in the world.

With more uninhabited territory than inhabited, this makes driving more essential for many Canadians.

In some cases, you may be able to easily transfer your driver’s license from your home country to a Canadian license. In other cases, you may have to take at least part of the Canadian driving test in order to be able to drive legally.

Here at A-1 Driving School we know the best ways to prepare you. We will teach you everything from the basics of traffic laws and traffic signs to fundamental safety tips that, even if they’re not on the exam, will undoubtedly make you a better driver.

The best approach is an in-car session with coaching and informative discussion.

Fee: $60.00/hour + HST